About Us

HASSAN ONLINE LEARNING HUB is a Trusted & Well reputed name in Online Education sector.

We Provides Qualified, Experienced, Dedicated and greatly Skilled Professional TUTORS for Quran and Tuition for All Grades & Subjects through E Learning. It all began with an easy exposure the classroom setting is often unable to suitably unlock the true learning potential of each student. It was created not to just provide basic tutoring sessions that serve as another classroom, but provide personalized tutoring that takes into consideration each student’s exclusive learning style to empower students to get their full potential.

Our Aim

Our aim is to make tutoring simple, easy and available whenever needed and takes the fundamental principles of education and applies them to today’s digital world. Using cutting-edge technology, we’re proud to educate tomorrow’s leaders. Find out how you can be a part of the new world of education today.

We’re harnessing the power of online education in new, innovative ways. Combining the newest research with proven teaching methodology, we’re inspiring students to take control of their classroom experience. Because you don’t have to step foot in a classroom, our classes are available whenever you can work them into your busy schedule. HolHub Technologies provides tuition when and wherever you need it using modern technology and internet. We provide one to one tutoring with our highly qualified tutors having good knowledge on their respective subjects using whiteboard, voice support and chat support which is highly effective for students for sharing ideas and clarifying doubts.

Our Tutors

Teachers, former teachers, professional tutors and Quran tutors, have a specialty in tutoring students with a range of learning differences and disabilities.

Adapt their teaching mode to best suit every student’s learning requirement. Give an enrichment to each student should regular, school-assigned work not adequate to Reinforce concepts. Lend homework and support. Offer guidance, positive reinforcement, routine and encouragement. Online teaching refers to teaching services that are delivered completely online, meaning there are no physical or on-campus class sessions. E-Teaching can be designed for a handful of enrolled students or can be made open & accessible to a wide variety of participants 

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