HOLHUB TECHNOLOGIES presents the best accounting and bookkeeping services to all types of business structures operating in various fields. We aim to provide assistance
to all bookkeeping solutions of a company from employee hiring to financial reporting.


Our clients can concentrate on the business growth instead of managing payroll and bank reconciliations. it is also mandatory
to keep all records for a period of 5-10 years, depending upon the case. Wasting money on paper and ink is useless; hire FAPL
to outsource the accurate bookkeeping services throughout.


We have a team of expert accountants who can make a customized bookkeeping package for you as per your requirements. From
supervision of your company’s accounts section to the payroll management, we can provide outsourced bookkeeping services in
Pakistan in the affordable rates.



We guarantees you that your personal information and business accounting data is safe in our hands. We also provide excel
based accounting software to or clients that are cost effective and can be handled by anyone without having any expertise. We can
also modify the features of full-charge online bookkeeping program as per your requirements in the business industry

Scope of our services include following bookkeeping services is that can be availed in daily, weekly, quarterly, monthly, half-yearly
and annual basis.

Choose the perfect package plan as per your business requirements from our given list of bookkeeping services:

· General Ledger Accounting & Bookkeeping.
· Accounts Receivable Management.
· Accounts Payable Management.
· Bank/Cash Reconciliation.
· Banking & Credit Card Activity Checks.
· Payroll Processing& Bookkeeping.
· Sales Tax Bookkeeping.
· Profit And Loss Statement Bookkeeping.
· Income Tax Bookkeeping.
· Inventory Control Management.
· Fixed Assets Management.
· Receipts and Disbursements Management.
· Preparation of Financial Statements.
· Accounts Reconciliations / Bank Reconciliations / Credit Card
· Financial Transactions Record-keeping.
· Financial Statements & Custom Reporting.
· Review and Updates Statements.
· Tracking Sales, Expenses and Profits Bookkeeping.
· Creation and Sending Unlimited Invoices.
· Management and Payment of Bills.
· Creation of Sales Quotes Invoices.
· Balance Sheet Generation and Review.
· Creation of Purchase Order Bookkeeping.
· Transaction in Multiple Currencies.
· Time Tracking & Job Cost Reporting.
· Working Capital Management.
· Material Requirement Planning.
· Work in process (WIP).
· Records Keeping
· Works On Pc, Mobile & Mac.

Go through the list of our bookkeeping features to make the right decision:

· Real-time information of business accounting.
· Cost reduction and time affectivity.
· Access anywhere with complete data security.
· No installation required on the computer of business entity.
· Productivity gain by saving time, money and effort.
· Transfer quality of services through a professional team of expert accountants.
· Storage of all accounting data as a cloud-based accounting system.
· Part-time CFO facilities on an online basis.
· Preparing financial statements, either daily, monthly, weekly, quarterly, bi-annually or yearly.
· Reduce company costs, training, and retaining staff.
· Always compliant with the Law Enforcement Authorities i.e. SECP and FBR.
· Better tax prediction by meaning of accurate and daily bookkeeping of business data.
· Faster financial analysis to management risks at time.
· Easier Audits with the accuracy in bookkeeping and other records keeping.